September 27, 2016


9-16-16-fresh-for-fall 9-16-16-fresh-for-fall-1 9-16-16-fresh-for-fall-2 9-16-16-fresh-for-fall-3

TULA PRODUCTS: Revitalizing Eye Cream // *Hydrating Day & Night Cream // Moisture Locking Hand & Nail Therapy // Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum // Purifying Face Cleanser // Urban Defense Hydrating Mist // Exfoliating Treatment Mask // ROBE: Josie 

Let me start by saying I’m absolutely hooked on TULA products. Ever since using this product 6 months ago, I have never felt so strongly about a product and the amazing things it has done for my skin! Dr. Raj has created the most break through products that will transform your skin (especially during the harsh months of Fall)…trust me on this one! The probiotic technology in every TULA product stimulates the production of vital defense cells to make your skin healthier and more resistant to damage and aging, from the inside out. Personally I have noticed firmer skin, redness reduction, even tone and texture, and definitely more hydrated skin. I just received the Overnight Skin Rescue Treatment which is their most potent formula yet, and I’m dying to try it out ASAP! If you’re ready to get your hands on these AMAZING products, use coupon code: TOREY20 at checkout for 20% off your entire order! These are the products I use in this order:

MORNING: 1. Purifying Face Cleanser, 2. Urban Defense Hydrating Mist (throughout the day I use the Moisture Locking Hand & Nail Therapy Lotion)

EVENING: 1. Purifying Face Cleanser, 2. Volume Defense Deep Wrinkle Serum, 3. Hydrating Day & Night Cream, 4. Revitalizing Eye Cream (once a week I’ll use the Exfoliating Treatment Mask)

*If you want to start out purchasing one TULA product, this Hydrating Day & Night Cream is THE one!

9-16-16-fresh-for-fall-4 9-16-16-fresh-for-fall-5 9-16-16-fresh-for-fall-6

IT’S A 10 PRODUCTS: Miracle Shampo // Miracle Deep Conditioner // Hair Repair // Miracle Leave-In // ROBE: Josie

I have only recently started using these It’s a 10 hair products, but so far have been absolutely loving them! First of all, they smell really great, and second of all I have noticed fresher, softer, and healthier hair! I think the order of using these in the shower is pretty self-explanatory, but I always use the Hair Repair after a shower to help restore my blonde locks. The most important things to note about these fabulous hair products, is that they’re formulated to benefit your hair in 10 amazingly different ways, hence the name!

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September 26, 2016


9-26-16-bodysuit-1 9-26-16-bodysuit-2 9-26-16-bodysuit-3 9-26-16-bodysuit-5 9-26-16-bodysuit-6 9-26-16-bodysuit-7BODYSUIT: Express (on sale for less than $15) // FLANNEL: Express // PANTS: James Jeans // SHOES: Dolce Vita (old but similar here) // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker c/o Shop Ditto // BAG: BP. // BRACELETS: Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani // RING: BP. // NECKLACES: Tiffany&Co. (similar dupe here), Gorjana c/o

I hope you all had a great weekend! This weekend I traveled to Phoenix, and my boyfriend and I went to the Blink182 concert with some friends. It was such a blast from the past and we had the best time together!! I wore this lace up bodysuit and this flannel around my waist which was so perfect for the “rocker look”. I have to say I was a bit inspired by some edgy looks at the concert, that I figured today I would share this edgy and casual look on Torey’s Treasures.   I’m loving bodysuits like this one lately (especially when they’re on sale)…what trends are you loving!?

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September 22, 2016




Reversible Tote // Converse // Closed Toe Suede Booties // Crossbody Tassel Bag // Wool Hat (comes in 4 colors) // Peep Toe Tassel Booties // Anorak Jacket (on sale!) // Plaid (comes in 5 colors) // Cardigan (comes in 3 colors) // Scarf (also comes in grey) // Striped Tee (only $18 and THE best) // Plaid Scarf

I cannot believe that TODAY is the first day of Fall! Is anyone else with me on this one!? Time is flying by! It seems like just last week was New Year’s Eve, and just yesterday was Summer vacation…and if we’re being honest, it definitely still feels like Summer here in Santa Barbara!

Anyway, I hope that with today being the official first day of the new season, the weather will cooperate with all the trends out there and cool down so I can layer up in some of my favorites for Fall. My IDEAL everyday uniform looks like this: comfy striped tee (for less than $20), anorak jacket, and a layered scarf paired with a cute wool hat and booties to top it all off! My Fall wardrobe essentially consists of a variation of the above items, which is why I believe they’re must-haves…and you can’t beat the price!

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September 21, 2016


9-20-16-knotted-black-and-white-1 9-20-16-knotted-black-and-white-2 9-20-16-knotted-black-and-white-3 9-20-16-knotted-black-and-white-4 9-20-16-knotted-black-and-white-5 9-20-16-knotted-black-and-white-6

LEGGINGS: Zella (less than $60!) // KNOTTED TOP: Zella (also comes in grey) // SHOES: Nike here and here // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker c/o Shop Ditto // EARRINGS: Similar here // SPORTS BRA: Zella

For last week’s #workoutwednesday post here,  I talked all about one of the way’s I stay motivated to workout day after day! Well today, I’m changing gears and talking about 2 of the most overlooked essentials to staying healthy! Without further a due:

  1. Drink 100 ounces of water daily (NO soda): I usually try and drink about 2/3 of this daily water intake as regular, cold water in my re-usable water bottle. The other 1/3 of my daily water intake consists of La Croix. It is an all natural, 0 EVERYTHING water, that tastes delicious! My favorite flavors are here and here!
  2. Eat every 2-4 hours (eat smaller portions, more frequently): I feel like I’m always hungry, and always snacking, but that’s actually a good thing! The more frequently (and more natural/whole foods) you eat, the quicker and better your metabolism will be! I’ll be posting some of my favorite health snacks soon so stay tuned 😉

That’s it folks! Although I am not a doctor or trained dietician for that matter, I have found that these two things can easily and quickly be over looked by most. I know both tips sound SO obvious, but trust me, sometimes you can forget to give your body the daily fuel it needs, especially when you’re busy!  For myself and my body, I have found that drinking 100 ounces of water and eating smaller portions more frequently has benefited my health and helps keep me on my A-game!

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September 19, 2016









DRESS: American Eagle // SHOES: Ugg // TOTE: Tory Burch // SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker // WATCH: Daniel Wellington // BRACELETS: Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani, Alex and Ani // RING: BP. // NECKLACE: Tiffany&Co. (similar dupe here)

I love anything chambray, and I love anything camel, so putting together and wearing this easy breezy fall outfit was a no brainer for me! With the belief that, when you feel your best, you look your best (and vice versa), I think it’s important to find your style through a balanced combination of what feels good and what looks good, and this dress and these sneakers definitely do the trick for me! What are your effortless go-to and “feel good” outfits?!


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